Bible Verses About Covenant

In the Bible, a covenant refers to a binding agreement or contract between God and humanity or between God and specific individuals or groups. It is considered a central concept in understanding the relationship between God and his people.

The concept of covenant plays a significant role throughout the Old and New Testaments, outlining God’s promises, expectations, and blessings for his people. Covenants are often established to create a personal relationship, express God’s love, and guide human behaviour.

Some key covenants mentioned in the Bible include:

1. Covenant with Noah: God made a covenant with Noah and his descendants after the Great Flood, promising never to destroy the earth by a flood again. The covenant was symbolized by the rainbow (Genesis 9:8-17).

2. Covenant with Abraham: God made a covenant with Abraham, promising to make him the father of many nations, blessing him and his descendants, and giving them the land of Canaan. The sign of this covenant was circumcision (Genesis 17:1-14).

3. Covenant with Moses: God gave the Israelites the Ten Commandments and established a covenant with them at Mount Sinai. This covenant outlined the laws and commandments, offering blessings for obedience and curses for disobedience (Exodus 19-24, Deuteronomy).

4. Covenant with David: God made a covenant with King David, promising his dynasty would endure forever. This covenant pointed towards the coming of the Messianic King, Jesus Christ (2 Samuel 7:4-17).

5. New Covenant in Jesus Christ: In the New Testament, Jesus established a new covenant through his death and resurrection. This covenant fulfilled and superseded the Old Testament covenants, offering forgiveness of sins and eternal life through faith in Christ (Luke 22:20, Hebrews 8:6-13).

Overall, the concept of covenant emphasizes God’s faithfulness, love, and commitment towards his people, as well as the responsibilities and obedience expected from them. It forms the basis for understanding God’s redemptive plan and the relationship between God and humanity, as portrayed in the Bible.


Read more Bible Verses about Covenant:


And Moses threw the blood on the people and said, “Behold the blood of the covenant that the Lord has made with you in accordance with all these words.”
~Exod 24:8


Then he read the Book of the Covenant in the people’s hearing. And they said, “All that the Lord has spoken we will do, and we will be obedient.”
~Exod 24:7


“Behold, I establish my covenant with you and your offspring after you,
~Gen 9:9


I have set my bow in the cloud, which shall signify the covenant between me and the earth.
~Gen 9:13


Both he who is born in your house and he who is bought with your money shall surely be circumcised. So shall my covenant be in your flesh an everlasting covenant.
~Gen 17:13


Therefore, not even the first covenant was inaugurated without blood.
~Heb 9:18


“Behold, my covenant is with you, and you shall be the father of many nations.
~Gen 17:4


That I may make my covenant between me and you, and may multiply you greatly.”
~Gen 17:2


You shall be circumcised in the flesh of your foreskins, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and you.
~Gen 17:11


This is my covenant, which you shall keep, between me and you and your offspring after you: Every male among you shall be circumcised.
~Gen 17:10


You have said, “I have made a covenant with my chosen one; I have sworn to David my servant:
~Ps 89:3


Saying, “This is the blood of the covenant that God commanded for you.”
~Heb 9:20


The Lord our God made a covenant with us in Horeb.
~Deut 5:2


to show the mercy promised to our fathers and to remember his holy covenant,
~Luke 1:72


Therefore, say, ‘Behold, I give to him my covenant of peace,
~Num 25:12


I will not violate my covenant or alter the word from my lips.
~Ps 89:34


I will make a covenant of peace with them. It shall be an everlasting covenant with them. And I will set them in their land and multiply them, and will set my sanctuary in their midst forever.
~Ezek 37:26


The steadfast love I will keep for him forever, and my covenant will stand firm for him.
~Ps 89:28


“This will be my covenant with them when I take away their sins.”
~Rom 11:27


And the people of Israel inquired of the Lord (for the ark of the covenant of God was there in those days,
~Judge 20:27


“Thus says the Lord: If you can break my covenant with the day and my covenant with the night, so that day and night will not come at their appointed time,
~Jer 33:20


If that first covenant had been faultless, there would have been no occasion to look for a second.
~Heb 8:7


You shall make no covenant with them and their gods.
~Exod 23:32


Then I will remember my covenant with Jacob, and I will remember my covenant with Isaac and my covenant with Abraham, and I will remember the land.
~Lev 26:42


It is not with you alone that I am making this sworn covenant,
~Deut 29:14


For this is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.
~Matt 26:28


And likewise, the cup after they had eaten, saying, “This cup that is poured out for you is the new covenant in my blood.
~Luke 22:20


And to Jesus, the mediator of a new covenant, and to the sprinkled blood that speaks a better word than the blood of Abel.
~Heb 12:24


Then Jonathan made a covenant with David because he loved him as his own soul.
~1 Sam 18:3


In the same way, he also took the cup after supper, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood. Do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of me.”
~1 Cor 11:25